We are group of experts in different digital marketing domains. As individuals we have a lots of exposure and experience in fields of digital marketing.Altogether we have served handsome amount of clients. Digital ellanky is know for its strategical execution.Here the Founder is one of few digital unlocked certified trainers in India.He has a proven expertise and many satisfied clients here in this arena.We are happy to say that ,we are marketing strategist for some good number of successful startups and companies in India. We are ready to deal with valid range of niches like,Educational , healthcare, financial, real-estate, IT, gaming ,luxury ,e-commerce and entertainment.we are client a centric company and we trying to solve some major problem in the digital marketing industry too. Looking forward for good clients and collaborations.


Corporate & one to one training

A brief or subjective corporate and one to one web-based training. with certification from blue ticks.

Analytics & Intelligence

Web Analytics, Search Analytics, Social Analytics & Business Intelligence.


Optimized paid campaigns.PPC and specialized remarketing techniques with Instant results.

Social media

Leverage social media to increase your visibility, branding across social media and lead generation.


SEO updated services and lead generation

Strategy Consulting

A detailed Strategy consulting service for digital marketing.


Varun had been a keen learner and very inquisitive during our digital unlocked training. Given him the challenge to present a very difficult topic. and he took it up and came out in flying colors.Wish him all the best in the future endeavors.

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Tuhin Ghosh Digital Marketing |Lead Generation| E-learning| Mentor | Trainer Independent Consultant - Digital Strategy XLRI Jamshedpur

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Varun. I was particularly impressed by Varun’s ability to handle even the toughest subjects with an ease. The very next thought which came into my mind is to check partnering things with him. He is a subject level expert, a leveraged presente, and a proven expertise. That little logical way of connection things is his armor. Don’t miss any chance to engage with him.Varun earns my highest recommendation.

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Aditya Varma Datla Co Founder at Zust Deals.com

Varun is an exception. He is the right mix of brain and heart. His subject matter expertise amazed me. His insight and his knowledge about digital marketing strategy made me look up to Varun. I am almost double his age but his attitude, his transparency, his maturity, his client-friendly attitude make me strongly recommend Varun for his expertise and knowledge. I wish him the best for everything he gets into. 😊

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Kaveeta M Abicchandani Proprietress at Happy Fish - Training for Development. Consultant (T&D, HRM, Branding, Start Ups, Coaching & Mentoring)

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About Varun Ellanky

He is a Digital marketing consultant, An entrepreneur, Marketing strategist for startups, One of the few certified google’s unlock digital trainer in India, a corporate Digital marketing trainer, co-founder of blue ticks corpo training private limited. former CMO @Numbro, a former executive at amaraja group of companies.Digital marketing is which made him look into various things in his career.He has a proven digital marketing team which work for digital ellanky projects.He is basically an engineer out of his passion towards digital marketing made him to start a specialized team to handle his client’s projects in the name of digital ellanky.He has been a speaker for few meetups in the city too.

Varun Ellanky